Because people with Crohn’s have such a wide variety of food tolerances and issues, there literally isn’t a topic with regard to food that we couldn’t discuss. We’d love to know, what are the foods that concern you the most? What recipes work for you the best? How do you deal with eating socially? Sharing our personal experiences and tolerances is essential to improving our dietary and mental needs in our relationship with food.  Please, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!! What should we talk about?  Continue reading

Cinco De Mayo with Crohn’s

Whether you are hosting a Cinco De Mayo party next weekend or invited to one, you want to make sure to have some “Crohn’s Friendly” dishes to enjoy yourself as well as share with others. Although Mexican food can present some spicy and challenging ingredients that you might worry about, there are also plenty of other options, such as gluten-free and diary-free meals that may suit your personal digestion needs. 


Roasted Garlic Guacamole 

Everyone loves chips and dip, and you simply can’t go wrong with bringing a bowl of Guac to share. If you don’t tolerate spice very well, try roasting some garlic and mixing it in with avocados for major flavor. This Roasted Garlic Guacamole recipe from Serious Eats has the right idea of packing a punch without any unwanted spiciness. Can’t tolerate garlic? You really can’t go wrong with just salt and pepper. 

Mango Salsa


The skins, seeds and acidity of tomatoes found in traditional salsa can be a bummer for some people with Crohn’s.  Mango salsa is a great alternative if you’re looking to avoid those little red fruit (or veggie?) buggers. I mean, who can ever really remember what tomatoes actually are?  US Supreme Court says they are a veggie…Social media says they are a fruit? Who knows. My guess is that your intestines don’t care,  they just don’t like them sometimes. So check out this Mango and Avocado Salsa from Martha Stewart 🙂 Leave out those Habanero chillies if they are not your friend.


Corn Tortillas are a great gluten-free option, but if you need a corn-free or less greasy option, try these Baked Sweet Potato Chips from the Minimalist Baker. They taste great with Guac or Salsa!


…..Or try out these Baked Zucchini Chips, from Table for Two. (Crohn’s Tip: Go ahead and peel and seed the zucchini before you bake them for easier digestion.)



Coconut Mango Smoothie

If alcohol or acidic citrus drinks are off limits for you, Cinco De May may seem to have limited options.  This Coconut Mango Smoothie from Genius Kitchen uses non-acid fruits and sure to hit the spot.



Slow Cooker Mango Salsa Chicken With Coconut Rice by Cooking Classy is simply delicious and full of flavor. Naturally gluten and dairy free, as well as slow cooked for easier digestion, this meal may work for many individuals with Crohn’s.  Leave out garnishes, such as the corn, black beans or cilantro if they don’t work for your diet, and allow others to add the ingredients and toppings that work for them. Lastly, the coconut rice seals the deal for making this an all around great meal.



From corn tortillas to chips, Mexican food is filled with corn recipes that can be a great gluten free option. If you don’t tolerate corn well, we are sorry.  Please skip this section 😦  But if you do tolerate corn, here are a few of our favorite Mexican-Corn options. 

Baked Corn Taquitos  by my Gluten-Free Kitchen are a great way to cut out grease and flour.  Keeping the ingredients simple and allowing individuals to once again choose their own toppings will make these finger foods fly off the table. Skip the cheese if you want to make these guys dairy free… They still taste great without it.


On the Sweet Side

Corn Tamales are a sweet treat that is flavorful appetizer or dessert. This easy corn tamale recipe by Marcela Valladolid is super simple, but really tasty.  Try swapping out agave or honey for sugar if you prefer to go sugar-free.


Looking to make it a bit fancier? Try these copy cat Cheesecake Factory Sweet Corn Tamale Cakes by Todd Wilber.

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Ever tried plantains? This weekend is a great time to check out this banana-like fruit. Plantains Sauteed in Butter by Sunny Anderson is another naturally sweet option that is cooked in its own sugars, rather than deep fried.


Carne Asada Fries

For some, potatoes may be your friend, but you might not think of using them at in Mexican dishes. But seriously, these Carne Asada Fries from Downshiftology are GO-OD. As with so many Mexican dishes, you can leave off the garnishes to allow people to select from their tolerated foods. Put it out buffet style and let people make their own version of Carne Asada fries. For easier digestion, you may want to remove the potato skins before baking, or try substituting grilled chicken or pork if steak doesn’t work for you.


Being Real With Crohn’s

If you really struggle with spices, slow cooking your preferred meat (ie: chicken, steak or pork) simply in salt, pepper and chicken broth can make sure that you have something safe to eat at the party.  Your friends and/or guests are sure to be understanding and likely won’t spot the difference once they load up on all the toppings. Better yet, you can serve the meat with several options. Everyone loves street tacos, but if flour or corn doesn’t work for you, you can try it on top of a baked potato or over rice. Just make sure there are lots of options for toppings, such as pico de gallo, sour creme, black beans, limes, and cilantro. If you really want to go the extra mile, having a salsa bar will be the highlight of the party.  Ask each guest to bring a favorite salsa of their choice or check out these awesome salsa bar recipes by Williams Sonoma Taste or this Avocado Crema by Bobby Dene.

Want more ideas? Check out these other great options on how to make the most of a “Taco Bar Party” with Crohn’s.

Article: Memorial Day Taco Bar Party with Crohn’s

* Please Note:  This is merely an opinion blog. The research and information covered in this blog is open to public domain for discussion.  We do not have any formal medical background.  We simply want to share and discuss foods for those with Crohn’s Disease. Because people suffering from Crohn’s Disease tolerate a variety of foods differently, recipes often need specific alterations for each individual. Get creative! Leave out the foods that don’t work for you and use the foods that make you feel good. As always, please consult your doctor or health care professional before applying ideas from this website. Happy Cooking!!

Memorial Day “Taco Bar” Party



Memorial Day parties seem to imply the certainty of firing up the BBQ.  Although the warm weather and day-off from work scream “time outside,” that doesn’t necessarily mean you must have the traditional grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and pasta salads….especially when you have Crohn’s. Carcinogens from open flames, red fatty meats and salad dishes can cause a onslaught of digestion problems for people with IBD. But planning an outdoor party can get tricky when you have specific foods you have to avoid on a restrictive diet. You certainly don’t want to feel like you are an outsider at your own party when it comes to the menu….you want to participate just like everyone else.  Striking the balance of preparing a meal that everyone can enjoy but with options that you can actually eat is the ultimate goal.  Here is where the “taco bar” comes into play as one of our favorite party options with Crohn’s. Continue reading

Kimchi Potato Hash


Anytime I see a dish with fermented foods incorporated into the recipe I am immediately intrigued due to the incredible gut health benefits. Unfortunately, often times either the recipe doesn’t seem that appetizing, or there are just too many “unfriendly” Crohn’s elements to make it worth trying.  However, when I stumbled upon this Kimchi Potato Hash by Bon Appétit I definitely wanted to check it out for a few reasons. Continue reading

Valentine’s Dinner With Crohn’s – A Meal You Can BOTH Enjoy


Valentine’s Day with Crohn’s can often cause uncertainty. Whether you are in a new relationship or one that is decades old, you want to show your partner how much you care and appreciate them. But if just the thought of overcrowded restaurants (and bathrooms) seem to cause a panic attack,  you can still show your loved one how much you care by ditching the crowds and enjoying a delicious dinner at home. Obviously, if for health reasons you aren’t up for going out, you probably aren’t up for slaving for hours over dinner either.  So what are your options when either cooking all day or the typical fatty chunk of steak with red wine won’t cut it?  Well we were thrilled to find the Crohn’s Dish that meets our criteria for Valentine’s Day. Continue reading

Grilled Lime Salmon with Avocado-Mango Salsa and Coconut Rice


Salmon, mangos and avocados on one plate…I like this dish with Crohn’s for so many reasons. Although everyone with Crohn’s tolerates foods differently, Salmon seems to be one of those “go-to” foods that you can always count on, even during flares. Salmon has been widely noted for its countless health benefits. By providing a surge of anti-inflammatory Omega-3 oils into your diet,  while simultaneously promoting easy digestion (and even healing properties) this seafood can seem to do no wrong. Now top it off with an onslaught of additional nutrients that are easy to digest in a healthy mangoavocado salsa (with coconut water, just because you want to make it RIDICULOUSLY nutritious) and you may just have your most Crohn’s Friendly dish ever.

Continue reading

Spaghetti Squash With Thai Peanut Sauce


Cooking with Spaghetti Squash is a great gluten-free alternative. The versatile veggie can truly be used in place of pasta in just about any recipe. Roasting the squash for delicious caramelization will get you hooked, and you’ll easily forget about that other plain old grain pasta. For many people with Crohn’s, going gluten-free is just one piece of the dietary puzzle when making pasta dishes. Many individuals also limit dairy, as well as tomato sauce (due to digestive irritation caused from the tomato’s seeds, skin and acidity.) These restrictions can leave few available pasta recipes that aren’t totally boring that you can actually eat. Continue reading