Rice. Chicken. Potatoes. Eggs. There are a variety of personal “safe” foods that individuals with Crohn’s feel comfortable to eat on a daily basis. When you are missing out on foods you love on a restrictive diet, you want all the safe foods you can actually eat to be absolutely delicious. But have you ever wondered why the scrambled eggs you made one day can be one of the best things you have ever had, and the next time time they are just plain awful?  Or your baked potato hits the spot one day, while tasting soggy the next? Well, you are not alone.  A lot of chefs out there these days claim to make “The Perfect” Scrambled Eggs, Baked Potato, Roasted Chicken and many other staple foods, for this very reason. Cooking consistent, delicious basic foods requires attention to detail.  People who feel confident in the kitchen have mastered an incredible craft by examining the little things that can easily be overlooked.  We can so quickly get caught up in making a complex recipe, that we forget to focus on the things that can heavily impact the entire dish (like cooking rice or noodles to the right consistency.) This can ultimately end up making-or-breaking a meal. Sometimes it’s the seemingly simple parts of the recipe or dishes that need more contemplation than we realize. Luckily, with today’s obsession of cooking and social media, it doesn’t take a culinary degree to learn the tips and tricks that can make your food consistent and delicious every time. In fact, it is quite easy once you’ve seen it.  You just need to think about it and apply it while you are cooking.  By learning what the pros have shared with us, the staple items that we tolerate best and use in so many meals can be consistent and “perfect” every time. If you want to see how something as simple as ditching the aluminum foil prevents an outcome of soggy baked potatoes (a method that we all have done for years for some unknown reason,) then these recipes are for you. When you are on a restrictive diet and your food options are limited, why not learn to make your food you can eat the best it can be?

Because of individual tolerances with Crohn’s Disease, there is no absolute “perfect” recipe for everyone. In fact, there is not one perfect way to cook certain foods among top chefs that don’t even have or use food restrictions. The ability to apply a method that works for you and make it your own just the way you like it, is key.  The fact that you are even thinking about how you are making your perfect dish while you are cooking will ultimately yield favorable results. Using and adapting your own go-to technique for a certain dish or ingredient, along with foods that you can tolerate is the most important thing.  If ingredients (like lemon or butter – often used in roasting chicken) are included in a recipe but don’t work for you, simply leave them out, or swap out them out for an alternative like olive oil. It’s the technique that is the most important to learn for consistent results.


  1. What is your favorite basic go-to food with Crohn’s?
  2. Do you have your own “perfect,” favorite recipe , or cooking method for a staple food item?
  3. Do you have any tips you have found helpful with cooking a staple ingredient that you can tolerate?


Sometimes actually seeing a demonstration of a food being cooked is what we really need. Here are our favorite foods recipes with videos.


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