Dairy is yet another one of those “tricky foods” with Crohn’s. Some individuals with Crohn’s (out of fear from past indigestion and discomfort) pass on dairy all together as a precaution, while others may be lactose intolerant in addition to having Crohn’s. This can leave some people missing out (perhaps unnecessarily) on the important vitamins that dairy consistently provides, such as promoting bone and teeth heath with Calcium and Immunity Support with Vitamin-D.

Research has shown that the inability to digest lactose may be the biggest offender of dairy intolerance with Crohn’s.  Due to the amount of lactose in different products, some foods can cause much more discomfort than others. Aged cheeses, such as parmesan or cheddar have less lactose than freshly made mozzarella or ricotta cheeses. Dairy products, such as Clarified butter and yogurts could fair well with individuals looking to reduce their lactose intake while maintaining dairy in their diets. Elimination diets can be extremely helpful in determining food allergies, intolerances and which foods tigger your symptoms.

There are still so many unanswered questions in the connection between Crohn’s and Dairy. We would love to discuss it.


  1. How do you tolerate dairy with Crohn’s?
  2. Do you handle aged dairy with less lactose better than fresh dairy?
  3. What types of (if any) dairy do you handle the best?
  4. Do you have a favorite recipe with dairy that seems to work for you?
  5. Any other thoughts or concerns regarding a connection with dairy and Crohn’s?

Click Here for More Information on Dairy and Crohn’s

* Please Note:  This is merely an opinion blog. The research and information covered in this blog is open to public domain for discussion.  We do not have any formal medical background.  We simply want to share and discuss foods for those with Crohn’s Disease. Because people suffering from Crohn’s Disease tolerate a variety of foods differently, recipes often need specific alterations for each individual. Get creative! Leave out the foods that don’t work for you and use the foods that make you feel good. As always, please consult your doctor or health care professional before applying ideas from this website. Happy Cooking!!


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