You may have seen the latest “sweet potato toast” food craze all over Instagram, but have you actually tried it yet?  Not only is it delicious and really fun to make, ditching the bread is a great alternative for people with Crohn’s. But this dish is actually much more than that when you are on a restrictive diet. It is a great social snack for Crohnies to get involved with food along with the whole party. Whether eating this toast after school with friends, or at brunch with the family, this snack makes sure you aren’t missing out. Because you are meant to get creative with this idea, making all sorts of variations of this toast allows everyone to enjoy a fun meal that works just for them. Additionally, if sugar is something you try to avoid, this can be a fun alternative party activity for a cookie decorating station. So grab a camera and some friends and head to the kitchen! This is the perfect dish to have a Crohnie join the party just like everyone else.


Peel a large sweet potato, and slice into toast sized pieces. (Be careful with that knife!)

Place into a toaster for two rounds. If you have a toaster oven, even better.

Top off the toast with your choice of tolerated ingredients. Get Creative! Sweet Potatoes allow you to go sweet, salty or savory!

Options: (What Are Your Favorite Ideas?)

Proteins: Avocado, Smooth Nut Butters, Roasted Chicken, Ham, Eggs,(Scrambled, Over Easy, Poached…You name it!)

Fruits: Bananas, Cooked Cinnamon Apples

Sauces: Cranberry Sauce, Seedless Jam, Honey, Molasses, Balsamic Vinegar, Soy or Teriyaki Sauce, Coconut Cream, Hummus, Parmesan Cheese

**Picture Bellow:

Scarecrow: Yellow Squash Peels- Face, Roasted Tomato-Eyes (Seeds and Peels Removed,) Mushroom-Mouth, Roasted Cauliflower- Hair, Red Onion-Collar

Frankenstein: Avocado- Face, Mushroom- Eyes, Roasted Zucchini- Hair, Red Onions- Mouth

Witch: Guacamole-Face, Roasted Red Pepper- Hat and Lips, Zucchinni- Eyes and Nose




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