Ready-to-Make Turkey Stock: The Perfect Thanksgiving Host Gift


Thanksgiving day is here, and if you haven’t been prepping to have a big Thanksgiving dinner at your place this year, someone else is. The planning and stress that can go into hosting a major holiday event for a large group of people can be extremely overwhelming. The menu, the plating, and ultimately having a spotless clean house, makes the entire process completely exhausting. What can be unfortunate in this time of massively preparing for a single meal is missing out on many of the “post” benefits of all that hard work. The potential of leftovers can easily be wasted, but more specifically, the turkey carcass can simply be tossed- rather than used for deliciously nutritious bone broth. Because the person that hosts Thanksgiving typically is in charge of the turkey, I thought my host gift this year would be a  show of “thanks” that will linger for days after the party is over: A prepped package for easy-to-make turkey bone broth, along with a few great recipes and the ingredients needed to use with the turkey broth.


Admittedly, I am obsessed with bone broth. Not only is it delicious, but it truly is liquid gold. The health benefits are unreal, including everything from boosting your immunity, to teeth remineralization and rebuilding your collagen and ligaments. To me, providing the ingredients to easily make a turkey broth is the absolute Thanksgiving host gift. Although I would be excited to give this gift right as I enter the house for the party, I would suggest keeping in mind what the host would be feeling just as the party is about to start. Perhaps holding off until the craziness of the dinner is over and giving the host a chance to relax and enjoy a conversation would be best. You might just want to mention to them to make sure to not toss out the carcass before it is too late.

There are so many great recipes that utilize leftover turkey and it’s broth. After a huge Thanksgiving meal, using recipes that put an entirely new twist and flavor or turkey work best for leftovers, rather than feeling like you are having the same meal again. Here are some of my favorite recipes along with gift tags, but please, get creative! If you know your host likes a certain meal that includes stock, or needs to have certain dietary restrictions, make sure to use what they would like!

So grab the ingredients for the stock (prepped, cut and ready to go!) as well as the ingredients for a meal to use the stock, and head over to your party with a big basket of “Thanks” to let the host know how much you appreciate all their hard work.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Immunity Building Bone Broth

Turkey With Wild Rice Soup

Turkey Taco Soup



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