Bean Flour (and Bean Pasta)… Crohn’s Friendly, Or Not?



Legume Based Pasta By Cooking Light


As a person who researches supposedly “Crohn’s Friendly” foods, (as if there is an overall answer…ugh,) I have been a bit uncertain as to how this trending movement of “Legume Pasta” would work for people with Crohn’s. Typically I have steered clear of sharing recipes with a lot of beans in them. More often than not they seem to cause problems. I mean, if they are known for upsetting stomachs for people around the world without IBD symptoms, what are they going to do for someone who struggles just to tolerate an apple if the skin is on? Continue reading


Kombu Chicken Soup with Carrots and Mushrooms- By Bon Appétit

    kombu-chicken-soup-with-carrots-and-mushrooms.jpgLaura Murray       

Let’s face it… A LOT of foods just don’t work for individuals with Crohn’s, making some sort of restrictive diet almost always inevitable. When the same old bland food day after day just won’t cut it, getting flavor wherever you can get it can become an obsession.  But taking risks on new foods can be down right terrifying… You never know how your body is going to handle it. That is where broths can become a Crohn’es BFF.

Continue reading

Ginger Chicken Soup- By Bon Appétit


For centuries, ginger has been used as a natural remedy to aid digestion, nausea and even used to reduce pain.  With these medicinal agents as well as anti-inflammatory properties, many people with Crohn’s have found ginger to be extremely beneficial. That’s why this recipe by Bon Appétit is definitely a keeper. Not only is it super simple to make, but it is very easy on the stomach with minimal ingredients. The ginger soothes indigestion and adds a wonderful depth of flavor. Additionally, by using an entire chicken, this soup extracts the minerals from the bones making a very delicious bone broth with no fuss. (Just make sure to leave the remainder of the chicken in the pot to simmer when you remove the chicken breasts.) Continue reading

Kimchi and Vegetable Soup


When searching for Crohn’s friendly recipes, I am always on the look out for great dishes that not only are delicious, but easy to digest, and (if I am lucky) actually good for the gut. Well, this Kimchi and Vegetable Soup seems to hit the trifecta. Not only is it packed full of flavor, but it is absolutely full of gut-boosting goodness, (thanks to the kimchi,) as well as a huge immunity builder with loads of bone broth, garlic and ginger. Being naturally gluten and dairy free, this soup seems to be a great fit for Crohnies. If any of the veggies are difficult for you to tolerate, simply leave them out or substitute a veggie that works better for you. I love the idea of using kimchi juice to get those probiotics into the soup, (especially if the solid kimchi itself is difficult for you to digest.) Continue reading

Banana Oat Energy Bites


Exhaustion and fatigue seem to go hand and hand with Crohn’s Disease. Just getting out of bed in the morning can feel like a HUGE accomplishment some days. In the endless search for hidden energy, (it’s in there somewhere, right?) we will take a boost anywhere we can get it. That is why these Banana Oat Energy Bites are so great with Crohn’s. Not only are they packed full of much needed nutrients, but they are naturally gluten free and super easy to make. If you find your mornings are crazy, taking a moment to make them the night before will ensure a healthy, energetic breakfast on your way out the door the next morning. Continue reading

Christmas Morning Breakfast With Crohn’s


By the time Christmas morning comes rolling around, let’s face it- the season can feel straight up exhausting. But on this special morning that only comes once a year, this is what all the hustle in bustle is for…and I want to make the most of it.  After the excitement of opening presents under the Christmas tree is over, we love to let the kids just enjoy the moment with their new toys while we make a fun family breakfast. (Well, technically it’s probably brunch by that point.) If you are like I am, I love to cook. This is a way for me to relax and unwind, while still leisurely taking the chance to sneak in a memorable family tradition. For me, this means a very casual, stress free breakfast for the entire family to savor together. Continue reading

Roasted Sweet Potato & Veggie Hash


My mom has an amazing holiday tradition every year. Rather than hustling to her house with the kids on Christmas morning, the Sunday before Christmas we head over to her place for a Family Pajama Party. Everyone gets dressed in their favorite PJ’s, we exchange gifts with cousins, eat brunch for dinner, (my mom makes her famous waffles that the grandkids go nuts for,) and of course, we dance around the Christmas Tree.

After a few years of this tradition I started to notice that while the food was all delicious, it was all about one color…. Beige.  For the little Crohnie in our family that steers clear of gluten, dairy, and sugar, “beige” usually means there are not a ton of food options for her at the table. From scones to sugary syrup, a playful brunch party can quickly limit foods for a person with Crohn’s, or anyone on a restrictive diet for that matter. That is why this year I decided to make a Roasted Sweet Potato & Veggie Hash. Continue reading